2011 SEMA Show in LasVegas

"The Mother of All Car Shows"

Photography by Carl Depaolo

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Do you remember what it felt like when you were a kid, the last day of school before summer vacation, Christmas morning opening toy boxes, going to Disneyland for the first time?  To put it mildly the SEMA event in Vegas is will make you feel like a kid again.  This years SEMA show was the best in recent history. The show is held in the three million square foot La Vegas convention center.  Every inch of that space is filled with automotive gadgetry and custom iron from around the world. 

Getting to the SEMA show from one of the many hotels on the Vegas strip was handled by the SEMA sponsored buses that left from most of the hotel entrances. The last bus left for the show at 10:30am; unfortunately we never got up early enough to take advantage of the free transportation.  The Vegas monorail only set us back $5 dollars and was an easy alternative.

There is a definite “wow” factor when entering the show gates for the first time.  The sheer enormity of the SEMA landscape hits you in the face. 

From the vantage point of the monorail station one is met with the roar of two separate road tracks that feature all day off road and drifting exhibitations.  The main event halls when seen from the station fill both the east and west horizons.



The event starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday afternoon.  This is just not enough time to see everything that is displayed.  Unfortunately we were only able to be at the show for three days and missed out on a lot.  Everyone in the automotive universe is represented at the show.  The major car manufacturer had an array of new products and concept cars proudly displayed.  Every after market and performance parts company in the world was showing off their latest goodies.

The show is an industry event by invitation only. The list of vendors and exhibits is too long to list. The vehicles that represent exhibitors company's are way beyond what you will see at any other venue.

American Car Craft's outstanding ZR1

midamerica c2
 Classic 1964 coupe completely restored and customized by Mid America Motorworks.  This gem was previously owned by Chevrolet's General Manager, Semon Knudson.

The original 327 ci small block, the engine that stared it all.

Vertical doors inc. custom C6 

The Build and Search big block 68

ZO6 Carbon at GM's Corvette extravagaza

  ZO6 and ZR1 Aluminum space frame

 C6R racing engine

GM had a road course that gave show goers a chance to feel what it is like to flog a ZR1  to the limit!  The GM drivers showed no mercy and gave the lucky passengers a thrill ride to remember

The word of the day was ride at your own risk!!

B- Rod Customs outstanding retro-mod 64 nicely equipped with an LS3.  
We will be doing a feature on this car in the next edition.

The weather in Vegas is perfect for this type of show.
The outdoor show area was a virtual hot rod carnival. Las Vegas is the only place to really appreciate this event. Warm, dry and sunny early November days make this an amazing perfect place for a car show.
The weather this year was a bit cooler than normal but very acceptable. A freak rainstorm at the end of closing day ruined a planned parade of custom cars that was scheduled to roll down the strip.  The bottom line is, we can't wait for next years show.

The Vette Nuts

Photography by Carl Depaolo

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