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Vette Girl of the Month

Our Vette Girl of the Month is Ashley, an aspiring 25 year old model from St Louis Missouri. Ashley has an interest in fast cars and motorcycles. Of course she loves to model and has done some fun shoots with some of the local photographers in her area. She's interested in tattoos and hopes to be an Alternative Model some day. 

vette girl        vette girl
The car is a 1987 Corvette with a manual trans and custom rims. Tim Tippen an admirer of  beauty and all things Corvette owns the car and did the photography.  Tim ghas owned the car for three years. The car was not running when he bought it but with a little TLC it is a gem.

vette girl

The theme of the photo shoot was a pretty girl and engine repairs. Tim tells us that he thought it would be fun to show Ashley getting ready to work on the car with shop rags and her big wrench. Thanks Tim and Ashley for brightening up our day.

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