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The Z06 as an Art form

We saw Les Tokers fabulous 2015 C7 Z06 a while back, we were impressed as it is truly a piece of modern automotive art. Les' Z06 is emblazoned in Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic. The cars entire paint surface is covered in a very protective layer of Xpel film sealant. It is without a doubt one of the most eye catching paint schemes available on a C7 Corvette. 

c7 z06 corvette web magazine  c7 z06 corvette web magazine   
To further enhance ones viewing experience Les' Z is accented with a stinger stripe and mirrors painted in GM carbon flash metallic.

c7 z06 corvette web magazine
Good-by to old school carbon fiber, hello flash. A stage 3 aero wicker-bill rear spoiler that mimics the Z07 version was added to complete the look. Black Painted brake calipers compliment the "new age" black Z styled wheels.
c7 z06 corvette web magazine                             c7 z06 corvette web magazine

The 2LZ interior is wrapped in an eye catching Kalahari mulan leather.  A ten speaker Bose premium stereo and navigation system a Heads Up Display and a Performance Data and Video recorder make life in the "Z" very civilized indeed.

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