Ride of the Month
(p.s...WE used to call this feature "Vette Babe of the Month, we are now politically correct)

This issues ride of the month is a 2010 Grand Sport Coupe that belongs to Anni Thacker from Nebraska.  Anni's red GS has a red and black interior, targa top and is equipped with a six speed manual tranny. Anni has put 11k miles on her toy which makes this a perfect driver.
Anni describes her C6 as being smooth and easy to drive.  She says the LS3 delivers enough punch to give her a thrill with every ride. In Anni's words, "there may be some faster cars but none of them are prettier or more noticeable than a Corvette, especially a red one".  

vette babe   vette babe

vette babe   vette babe  vette babe

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