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Street Credit

Alexandro Torres from Orlando Fl. Like so many Corvette lovers, is emotionally attached to his Car. The C5 in question has been given the name, "Marlyn".  Marlyn is a 2001 6 speed silver beauty that lives up to her name. The C5 has been treated to a performance tune that yields a distinctive edge on the Orland street scene.  Al tells us that he is not into racing but "Marlyn" has being known to deliver some well deserved street justice onto some cars that cannot seem to respect the beauty and the position in the food chain that Corvettes have established for themselves.
2001 c5 corvette   2001 c5 corvette
Marlyn can be seen at many of the local car shows in the Orland area.  Al is fairly new to the show scene and enjoys the positive feedback he gets on the car. People are always amazed at how clean the car is after they find out that it is a daily driver. 
2001 c5 corvette     2001 c5 corvette
Alexandro is an active member in The Corvette Brotherhood of Orlando Florida.  The C5 has been entered into various online portals such as Bad Boys Vettes, Orlando Corvette Enthusiast, and C5 Corvette Nation, among others. Al says that His C5 is his pride and joy. Marlyn will play a very active role in future community venues including veteran's and law enforcement events.

Al's C5 exemplifies what we at Corvette Web Magazine praise as a "regular guy's car". Its a car that can actually be driven and enjoyed on a daily basis. The over moded, high dollar customs have a place in the Corvette world but very few of them can elicit the joy of owning a car like Marlyn.

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