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c7 corvette painted fender guards
C7 Z06/GS Carbon Flash Front Fender Spat Replacement

The Z06 and GS C7 Corvette sport some very appealing body lines.  The first thing you notice about these two models is the wide body panels.  The fender flares were needed to accommodate the humongous rubber that these cars are equipped with. The other thing people notice are the ugly mat black plastic fender extensions that are attached to the front of the car. What was GM thinking? Why would you put a set of cheap looking plastic fender extensions on your flagship cars? The factory units look like they came straight off an old Chevy Blazer.

As so often is the case the after market comes to the rescue. Our friends at RPI sells a set of factory fender extensions that are finished in glossy carbon flash metallic GM paint. The spats are sanded, primed and sprayed with carbon flash paint.  The units are then clear coated and polished to a high gloss.

The removal and installation is a relativity easy job. All you need is a 7mm socket wrench and a T15 torx bit to remove the factory hardware.

- Locate and remove the 7mm bolt at the front lower section of the extension.
c7 corvette painted fender guards

c7 corvette painted fender guards
- Remove the three T15 torx screws that hold the front of the factory extension in place

c7 corvette painted fender guards
-Pull back the metal clip that is located at the rear of the extension

- Using some elbow grease separate the double sided tape that is attached to the extension       and peal the extension away from the car body. Remove any tape residue by rubbing it off.
c7 corvette painted fender guards
- Test fit the new painted extension by aligning the rear clip with the fitting on the rear of the wheel well. When you are comfortable with the alignment insert the clip into the fitting. Peel boff the backing of the double sided tape that is pre installed on the back of the new extension. Using some more elbow grease force the extension in place making sure that all the tabs snap into place.

-Reinstall the three t15 torx screws and the 7mm front bottom bolt. Repeat the procedure for the other front wheel well. Now stand back and admire the new look of your C7.

c7 corvette painted fender guards       c7 corvette painted fender guards
                 Before                                         After

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