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Scraping Bottom

Low ground clearance has been a constant source of stress for all late model Corvette owners. The front end ground clearance of a Corvette varies from generation to generation but typicality falls somewhere between four and six inches. This abbreviated clearance space has been the source of many a four letter word uttered from Corvette owners when they have the misfortune to encounter a steep incline.

Scraping Bottom
The new generation C8 Corvette will have a front end lift system that can elevate the front end by over two inches when conditions demand it. The rest of us have to endure the ungodly scraping sounds and possible damage whenever we encounter a poorly design driveway approach. Or do we?

A company called Sliplo has come up with an innovative solution for the front end scraping problem. The have developed a very high density rubber like protective strips that easily install over the vulnerable front underside of your vehicle.

Scraping Bottom  Scraping Bottom  
Sliplo install on 2016 C7 Z06

The protective strips are easily installed through the use of super strong 3M double sided tape. All you have to do is properly clean the installation location with some supplied alcohol preps, then apply some 3M adhesive promoter, also supplied.  After prepping the installation surface simply peel off the tape backing from the Silplo strips and firmly press the strips into place.

The Sliplo kit comes with and ample supply of protective strips. We were able to do two cars with one kit. The first car was a C7 Z06. The many hex head bolts under the front fascia presented a challenge. We managed to get around the bolts with some minor surgery to the rubber strips. The second car was a C5 coupe, the underside of the C5 has a smooth surface and presented no problems whatsoever. Install time for both vehicles took approximately fifteen minutes.
Scraping Bottom    Scraping Bottom
Sliplo install on a C5

We performed a scraping test on the C5 by purposely driving up an incline that had previously presented us with the dreaded grinding noise. To our surprise there was no noise even though we knew that the underside of the car had been molested. Inspection of the undercarriage revealed that the Sliplo had performed as advertised. It had taken the beating not the fascia.

The C7 Z06 is equipped with a very expensive Stage 3 front spoiler. The Sliplo will absorb scraping due to close encounters with inclines.  We tested the C7's low front end on the same incline and yes the Sliplo buffered the impact.  The only noticeable scraping came from the outermost front edge of the spoiler as it encountered the apex of the incline. A direct hit with something like a concrete parking stop is another story and should be avoided at all costs, and the costs can be extreme.

The Sliplo system is a very good product and can save the underside of your front fascia from incline damage. You can get more info at:

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