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A Vette Girls Pink Passion

Our Vette Girl Amber hails from the great state of ...., she is a very shy girl and asked us not to reveal her whereabouts.  That being said Amber is a true blue car enthusiast.  Her latest toy is a C7 with a Barbie Doll inspired pink paint job. This "Pink Panther" is Ambers fourth Corvette.

Amber started her car journey as young girl who would rather play with toy cars than dolls. At the tender age of sixteen her first car we a Pontiac Trans Am, what was her father thinking?  It was all down hill after that.  Amber went on to drive two C4'S and a C6 Corvette.

Not satisfied with domestic plastic she graduated to the Euro exotic scene.  And what a scene that was, it included a 360 Modena Ferrari, 2 Lamborghini Gallardos, a Lamborghini Mercialago, 3 Bentley Gt's.

Amber finally returned to the Corvette world and now drives a C7 that is decked it out with Arlon Premium Manga Pink matte wrap. A set of carbon fiber rims and emblems, a Z06 grill and an aero body kit spice up the look.

A B&B bullet exhaust lets everyone know that she is near by. LED's have been added to all the outer vents to light up the car during night time excursions.

This Vette Girl tells us that her C7 project has just begun.
The Vette Nuts

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