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GT2 Wide Body Super Car

The C6 widebody look that was introduced with the 2006 ZO6 took the already impressive Corvette styling genre to a new level. The aggressive stance of the new "Z" was the styling benchmark for the C6 Corvette.  Due to popular demand the ZO6 wide body look was transferred to the ZR1 and Grand Sport . The extra dimensions of the factory supplied fenders are very accommodating to the wider wheels and rubber that are needed to reign in the extra horses of the "Z" cars. The question is, what do you do if you need to upgrade the already impressive capabilities of Americas favorite sports car?

loma corvette gt2

A handful of specialty design and manufacturing companies took up the challenge. The most notable of these companies is LOMA  Automotive Design.  The company was founded by car enthusiast Mario Radosavljevic. Mario was raised in Austria and had a passion for Corvettes. In 1993 he acquired an LT1 equipped Vette, a rare car in that part of the world. Marios passion for performance led to the creation of the German based company LOMA Design. The new company concentrated on the design and production of C6 wide body kits. The new body parts would totally transform a C6 into an ultimate street/road racer.

The end results of Mario's efforts culminated in the development of the C6 GT2 wide body kit. The LOMA retrofitted C6 is absolutely outstanding. We have seen some of Mario's competitors designs and none of them come to achieving the balanced look of a LOMA GT.

loma corvette gt2

The GT2 wide body style that LOMA produces has caused a sensation in the Corvette world. Utilizing specially handcrafted LOMA parts the very competent C6 Corvette is transformed into a rolling piece of engineering art. As part of the transformation all body parts are replaced with high quality German engineered carbon fiber. All carbon body pieces are finished with a high quality white gel coat which facilitates the final paint job.

loma corvette gt2

The carbon replacement parts are designed using state of the art CAD driven equipment.  The end result of this over engineering effort are replacement parts that offer a perfect fit to the Corvette body. A 100 percent fit means that the installation is straight forward and the stock parts can be reinstalled at any time. The body kit can be installed in one day at a qualified shop. This translates into very reasonable labor costs for the installation.

The GT Corvette C6 is 4.8″ Inches wider than a stock Vette and 3.2″ Inches wider then a stock ZR1 or ZO6. This will allow for the use of wider rubber at all four corners. A tire combination of 19 inch 285’s upfront and 20 inch 345 's in the rear will really get the power to the ground in a hurry. The single most limiting factor in the stock Corvette equation is the lack of off the line traction. The only way to improve this limitation is to install wider sticker rubber. The wide stance of the LOMA kit allows for this.  This is especially useful when the power of a LOMA GT is bumped up to around 1200 horse power with the recommended blower install by East Coast Superchargers.

The specially designed LOMA black edition deep concave forged wheels are a perfect compliment to the wide body kit.

In 2010 Mario's company started production of forged wheels specifically designed for the Corvette. The company is now five years old and has headquarters in New York, Miami, Barcelona and Malaysia. That is very impressive by anyone's standards.

Loma specializes in the design, development, and distribution of exclusive aerodynamic kits and exclusive forged alloy wheels for premium sports cars and sedans. Mario tells us that LOMA was born from the uncompromising idea that sporty, aggressive designs could be combined with functional elegance. The result are conversions that are equally at home on the track and the street, and look like they came from the factory in terms of build quality and fit and finish.

loma corvette gt2
LOMA has a world class team that incorporates individuality and harmony of design in all of its products. Mario told us that the design team spends countless hours in the companies R&D effort.  He says "every product is designed so that the existing aesthetics and features of the vehicles are perfectly integrated into the new body kits". The results are products that combine performance, individuality and quality with leading-edge modern racing technology.
To meet the world’s most rigorous testing, all LOMA products are built to exceed all German TUV testing requirements. A multitude of hours and complex tests are needed to ensure that the Carbon Fiber components are at maximum performance and durability. Rigorous testing and quality control goes into ensuring that each carbon fiber body kit and wheel components are of the highest quality, perfect fit, and technical excellence. All parts pass a strict quality control management process before they leave the warehouse.

Thanks Mario, for taking the Corvette styling exercise to a whole new level. We can't wait to see what LOMA has planned for the C7.
For more info you can contact Mario at:

212.653.0962 New York
786.800.3841 Miami
935.478.242 Barcelona
362.045.705 Kuala Lumpur


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