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acs mud guards

Gird  Your Loins

We are always on the lookout for mods that have a high visual impact and are easy to install. ACS comes to the rescue on this front with their new C7 molded front and rear rock guards.

acs mud guards   acs mud guards  

The ACS XL guards are made of high strength ABS plastic and come in either a carbon flash or carbon fiber finish. They are extremely high quality items that precisely fit the stock factory wheel well fittings. High quality means an extremely easy installation. This was a welcomed surprise as we are accustomed to getting after market parts that need a certain level of massaging with a Dremel tool. ACS prides itself on suppling parts that exceed fit and finish expectations.

Besides looking great the guards offer a high degree of protection from road debris, The massive front and rear tires on the C7 have a tendency to send small rocks into the side and rear quarter panels with devastating effect. The new wider ACS guards eliminate most of this problem.

As I mentioned installation of the new guards is extremely easy. You don't have to jack up the car to install them.  All you need is a small ratchet and a 7mm socket .

Rear Installation
- Remove the center 7mm screw bolt from the bottom of the rear wheel well panel. After the screw is removed pull the stock plastic guard away from the car. You have to give it a strong yank to separate the clips from their openings.
acs mud guards  acs mud guards

- Remove the J clip from the stock guard screw tab and insert it into the ACS screw tab.

acs mud guardsacs mud guards  acs mud guards  acs mud guards
- Align the new ACS guard with the bottom screw opening and the four clip holes in the wheel well. Firmly push the new guard into place.

acs mud guards
- Reinsert the 7mm screw and tighten

Front Installation
- Turn the front wheel away from the guard location. This will give you some extra maneuvering room.

acs mud guards  acs mud guards  
- Remove the 7mm guard hold screw from under the rear of the front well.
-Firmly pull on the stock guard, this will separate the clips from their openings. Pull the guards away from the car.
- Align the new ACS guards with the clip holes and the bottom screw tab.
- Reinsert the 7mm holding screw into the center bottom hole.

This entire process took about twenty minutes to complete making it the easiest mod install we ever performed.  The new guards really take the look of our Z06 up as notch. They perfectly compliment the carbon flash wheel spats that were previously installed on the car.

You can get more info on this and the other fine ACS products at 

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