Euro Re-Birth

                                                                            American ZO6 power takes on the best of Europe

corvette zo6 racing

We usually focus on the American power scene but every once in a while we are treated to a glimps of what is going on outside our borders. The Euro car scene is very different from what we are accustomed to.  Americans are into drag racing and show cars. Europeans are into sprint racing and glitzy high end sports cars. Most of them can't tell the difference between a hot rod and a hot dog. Our curiosity was sparked when one of our readers readers sent us a memo about an Italian racing team that was using ZO6's.  

corvette zo6 racing

The team is known in European racing circles as the RC Motor Sport Corvette GT3 team, that is based out of Rome Italy. Our contact on the team is Giampero Pannacci. He is in charge of organizing and planning the teams racing events. Gioampero along with the team manager, Alessandro Salvati and Enzo Santucci have lined up a winning team using a German Calloway inspired Corvette ZO6 GT3's. The team made a very impressive showing at the International GT Sprint Series in Monza and is in the process of overturning the European racing "apple cart".

corvette zo6 racing

The R.C. Motorsport Corvette has mad a very big splash thanks to the extreme power of its 580-hp, 7-litre pushrod engine. According to Giampero the GT3 team is the only team in Europe using Corvettes. That will likely change as the GT3 team starts racking up wins.

corvette zo6 racing
Team Manager Enzo Santucci stated that during the teams twenty five year history they have always stived to be the first to select and develop new racecars. The team has taken on the challenge by being the first European squad to run a Corvette ZO6. Enzo say's that he liked the car from the first time he laid eyes on it and is sure it will be exciting and challenging for the team to run.
corvette zo6 racing      corvette zo6 racing
RC Motorsport keeps aiming high in Superstars International Series. The 2013 season has proved to be very successful. The teams yellow Corvette Z06.R GTS3 is attempting to take the lead with driver Roberto Del Castello. He won at Monza and took two podium finishes with Piero Necchi.  

corvette zo6 racing    corvette zo6 racing
                                                                                                                      The Italians take their work very seriously

The current work schedule of RC Motorsport is focused on the race in Portimão. The teams future vision focuses on a multi car operation in GT Sprint with the introduction of the new Corvette C7. We will keep you posted on the teams progress. We might even take a trip to Rome and become circuit racing fans.


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