“Hooked” The Big One That Didn’t Get Away


Gary and Sheryl McCoy were recently bitten by the “Corvette Bug”.  As first time Corvette owners they immediately fell in love with the feel and mindset of being behind the wheel of America’s only sports car.

Within three months of purchasing their new 2009 White Corvette another bug latched onto the McCoy’s. The dreaded “modification bug “bit them and has not let go. At onset the usual symptoms of the bite include innocently adding a few cosmetic or minor performance alterations to a new Corvette.  The disease inevitably progresses into a full blown modification psychosis that can never be satisfied.  The McCoy’s characterize their journey into Corvette madness as a “little fun to go just a "little" above and beyond”.

The transformation project began with the installation of a D1 SC Procharger blower and air to air intercooler that transformed the mild mannered C6 into a 700 horse monster.   A set of American racing headers with 17/8” primaries and a catless behind the pipe system ensure that the engine can take advantage of the increased air flow.


An LG G6XB cam that was matched to the blower replaced the stocker.  The new cam has a B designation as it was designed for forced air applications.  LG keeps its cam specs to itself but the B cam has a .625 lift and total duration of around 243, making for a nice street /strip compromise.   Other enhancements include dual titanium valve springs, and a set of Comp Cam push rods.

 The cam and header combination makes for an awesome sound when the NPP exhaust flaps are opened with a “Mild to Wild” remote exhaust controller.  The sound is very hard to contain even when the exhaust flaps are closed.  It's also been given a rear painted valance on Z06 rear wide body that gives it the wider lower booty along with the modified rear spoiler. 

A set of DBA slotted rotors help to stop this big fish in its tracks.

This Corvette is defiantly "Hooked Up" and that theme inspired this Great White's airbrushed art work.  The art work was done by none other than Steve Ray of Airbrush Incorporated.  Steve is one of the leading air brush artists in the country his work has become a styling benchmark in the automotive world.   

The hood liner features a “Jaws” hooked Great White shark. The shark theme flows into the engine compartment with a set of fuel rail covers that have Jake Skulls imbedded in the trunks of palm trees. The artwork also features a bikini clad girl floating on a raft, fins coming from below the surface of the waves and Jake Skulls rising from the waters depth.  This car should be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

                                         airbrush incorporateed

The custom exterior body work and paint was handled by Ravenswood Auto Body located in Dania Florida.  The exterior additions include a set of wide body ZO6 rear panels, an Extreme SS rear spoiler, rear diffuser, an APR front splitter, and a cool looking set of vertical doors.  Ravenswood applied a custom white paint job and extensive blue airbrushing that compliments the Great White Shark theme.  The hood is emblazoned with an outrageous airbrushed “Jake” skull.


The interior was tastefully modified to include various two tone leather additions to the armrests, shift boot, waterfall and console cover.  The interior also sports some very subtle carbon fiber touches.



The McCoy’s told us that the “Great White” theme was inspired by the same thrills and excitement that they have experienced through living and fishing the blue waters of the Gulf Stream in South Florida.






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