c7 z06
Extreme Daily Driver

Glen and Theresa Reschke hail from Pasadena MD. We meet some very nice people at the Car shows that we cover, Glen and Theresa fall into the friendly/nice Corvette fanatic category, just the kind of people we like. Glen showed up at a Tampa Fl show with a spanking brand new 2015 Z06 with an eight speed automatic. He was parked next to our Project car so we immediately started up a conversation.

c7 z06

At the time of the show his Z06 was only three weeks old. Unlike most of the garage queens that we encounter Glens car already had over 2,000 miles on it. 2000 miles in three weeks, on a brand new Z06 now that's something you don't see every day. Glen told us that he bought the car to drive.  He says "whats the use in having a great car if you don't use and enjoy it".

c7 z06      c7 z06

Glen is no stranger to high performance, he traded in a Ford GT and took part of the proceeds and bought the Z. Glen's previous Corvette was a 1991 ZR1. He tracked the ZR1 on a regular basis and plans to do the same with his new toy. We tip our hat to a man who knows how to enjoy the good things in life.

c7 z06
The Vette Nuts

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