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During a recent visit to a local car show in SW Florida we stumbled on a late model gem. The gem in question shines as a 07 ZO6 that belongs to Duane Chamberlain, owner of All Ways Electric in Fort Myers Florida. Duane is a die hard Chevy fan that had his sights focused on owning a Corvette for a very long time. About 6 years ago Duane and his wife started a business which allowed them to realize their dream.

Duane’s wife surprised him with a request to go to a local Chevy dealer and order a ZO6. They were in the market for a black or blue ZO6. When they arrived at the dealership there was a black Z on the showroom floor. While filling out the paperwork Duane noticed a blue Z on the lot. The salesperson told him that the blue ZO6 was a recent return from an owner that could not keep up with the payments.

The car had about 1700 miles and Duane decided to purchase the slightly used Z. While at lunch with his son Duane parked his new toy in a remote section of a restaurants parking lot. He returned to the car and found a note on the windshield. The note was from the original owner who offered to give Duane information about the car. The previous owner gave Duane the rear deck carpet and showed him the air conditioned warehouse where the car was stored.

The first thing Duane did after the purchase was to install a very slick looking set of after market rims and tires. He decided on a set of 360 Forged custom wheels, 21.5” on the rear and 19.5” on the front. A set of Nitto Invo’s helps put the power to the ground. The custom artwork on the hood liner was inspired by NASCAR, Chevrolet Drivers and Daytona Speedway. The hood liner art work was airbrushed by Steve Ray in Bowling Green. The lower back tattoo on the girl in the artwork duplicates a Chevy bow tie w/ tribal tattoo that belongs to Duane’s wife. Steve Ray’s talent was also applied to the Z’s engine and interior.

The engine also includes autographs by NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson. Engine mods include American Racing headers and X-pipes which enhance the Z’s street presence. A Halltech cold air intake, ported and polished throttle body and an Engine Tune by Aftermath Performance kick the horsepower up a notch. Exterior refinements include carbon fiber door handles an APR carbon fiber rear spoiler, and a front ZR1 carbon fiber spoiler with high speed bracing.

Duane say’s he drives the car like he feels a Vette should be driven. He enjoys high speed antics and has cranked the Z well beyond the limits of sanity on many occasions.

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