A Dream Come True
A Z06 brings back a legend

zo6 corvette

Doug McDonald was exposed to the performance car bug at a very early age. His brother Dave raced Corvettes when Doug was only ten years old. Doug’s love affair with America’s sports war was not consummated until the day his brother drove up the driveway with his new "1st production" 63 split window coupe. Dave picked up his new prize at the Corvette plant and drove back to California to "break it in".

At the time Dave was winning many victories driving his famous “00” 61 Corvette. In 1962 Carroll Shelby’s snapped up Dave and made him part of the Shelby American team. Driving one of Shelby’s King Cobra’s Dave took first place at the 1963 Times Grand Prix in Riverside Ca. Dave raced against legends such as A.J Foyt, Roger Penske, Bob Bondurant and Roger Ward. He set a new track record in the 200 mile event.

A Dream Come True               dave mcdonalds corvette

Dave’s illustrious racing career was cut short when he and Eddie Sachs were killed in a tragic accident at the 1964 Indy 500. That accident led Indy officials to mandate a change from gasoline to methanol in all future events.  Carroll Shelby said the Dave was one of the greatest talents in the racing world.

dave mcdonalds corvette    
photo's from the McDonald family album

The 63 coupe was the car that car hooked Doug as a life long Corvette fanatic.  The Split window 63 was the last Vette that McDonald’s would race.  The 'Split window' according to Doug was the car that finally enabled Chevrolet to stand up against the “sports car" world. Carroll Shelby said of the 63 coupe, "I don't want to see that thing near my shop"!) By the time Doug could afford a car Corvettes where out of his financial reach, all he could do was dream about owning one someday.

That day came after Doug retired. While trying to fill his time after the passing of his wife Doug saw a used 2007 Atomic Orange C6 Z06, and said to himself “this is it"!  The “Z” had only 14k non raced miles on the odo. The seller told Doug that the car averaged 28+ mpg. Doug was sold and bought the car.  Doug made sure that he had some extra funds available to customize his new toy.  Doug told us he now has a "Vette" that measures up to his "first love", the 63 split window.


The 427 ci LS7 in Doug’s new “Z” lived up to the previous owners claim of getting 28 MPG. He told us that the ZO6 has more than enough “oomph” for the streets. The current price of fuel and speeding tickets has kept Doug from adding any performance mods to the “Z”. Doug like the majority of ZO6 owners realized that the car was perfect as is. Doug chose to personalize the cars exterior, he wanted to make it his without overdoing it.


Doug started by adding C6R "Jake" decals. He replaced the stock chrome wheels with a set of black rims and added a set of matching black headlights. In an attempt to continue with the blacked out theme all the trim on the car was given the black treatment. A set of L.E.D. taillights, a race mesh grill, B&B exhaust, rear spoiler and an extractor hood were added. A crystal red stripe was applied to finish off the look. 


Doug wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chevrolet for making him fall in love again with this truly incredible machine.

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