The Double D C5
by the Vette nuts
Most C5 owners have incorporated various upgrades to their cars interiors. C5 interior mods typically revolve around the many add on products that are available from the big catalogue companies. The Holy Grail of C5 interior mods is the installation of a C6 style DVD navigation system. The reason that an in dash DVD/GPS system was not offered in C5’s is that the technology was not incorporated into a Corvette until 2005 under C6 option U3U.

In 2006 Dennis Dummer founder of Double D Mods in Kieler Wi. decided that he wanted an in dash navigation system for his 1999 Corvette. He did some research and found there was nothing available for a C5 that would allow for the installation of a 1.5 din head unit with built in NAV. A din is an International ISO standard which defines a standard size for car audio head units. The standard was originally established by the German standards body Deutsches Institut Normung, and is commonly referred to as the "DIN car radio size". Audio head units generally come in either single DIN (180 x 50 mm panel) or double DIN (180 x 100 mm panel) size. The US standard for a DIN radio is generally considered to be approximately 2" x 7" and the Double DIN sized radio is a 4" x 7".

Dennis found out that some people had already done this mod and decided to give it a try. He purchased a C5 dash bezel off EBAY and transformed the stock C5 1.5 din radio bezel into a double din radio bezel. His next step was to head over to a friend that was an experienced audiophile. Greg Temple, who was the audio guru helped him install a Kenwood head unit and managed to replace the entire system. Through trial and error Dennis learned the ins and outs of Corvette double din installations.
Another good friend, Nouman Saleem, asked Dennis to make a custom radio bezel for him but with some different changes. After working on this project word slowly started to spread on Dennis’s new product. In 2008 Dennis decided to go into business. This was the start of Double D Mods.

Over the next two years Dennis fabricated specialized Corvette dash bezels on a part time basis in his basement/shop. He made the decision to leave his full time sales position with a Food Services company and take the chance on doing this as a full time career.
Dennis found a 3000 sq ft shop facility a couple miles from home that was perfect for what we wanted to do. He signed the lease and the rest is history. Double D Mods has been steadily growing. New items are constantly being tested and added for sale on his companies’ website. Double D became a fully Authorized audio dealer for multiple companies that offer a complete out of the box, install ready package.

The company also offers items such as wheels, apparel and radar detectors. Double D is also a well known distributor as a Corvette source for OBX headers. They are always looking to add more performance oriented items to their product line and pass the savings to their Corvette friends.

                                                                             The Double D Project Car

Dennis was always a big fan of mid sixties Mopars having owned a few of them over the years. Dennis wanted something more current so he decided on a C5 Corvette. He searched for a couple months and finally decided on a low mileage 1999 Coupe. The C5 had no modifications and only 23k miles on the odo. After a short time Dennis was bitten by the mod bug and the fun began.

An extensive list of upgrades to the C5 include upgrading the cars running shoes with a set of 19 inch Boze Forged Tach Wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus rubber. Stopping power is provided by a set of drilled and slotted brake rotors by Roylaty Performance. The calipers were also powder coated in red to match the exterior.

Exterior body modifications include an RK Sport Ram Air hood that was custom painted by Lens Paint n Place in Kieler Wi. This is the hood design that wowed the crowds at the 2008 SEMA show in Vegas.  The hood lines give the C5 a very slick retro look

A radical set of GT Factory Vertical Doors really sets this C5 apart from the crowd.

The front facia air intakes were fitted with a set of very cool looking black powder coated screens from Racemesh.


All C5 owners know that the car is prone to bottom scraping while entering or exiting a driveway. In an attempt to alleviate this embarrassing situation a set of Fat Daddy frame savers were installed on the car.

The engine bay was given some bling with stainless items from American Car Craft.

Key City Kustoms in Hazel Green Wi airbrushed the hood liner in classic flames.

Performance upgrades include a set of OBX long tube headers and BB catback bullet exhaust system. The LS1 breaths little easier compliments of an SLP Blackwing cold air intake system. The engine also gained some extra horses with a revised ECU tune from East Coast Supercharging.

                                            The Holy Grail

Installing a C6 type DVD/NAV unit in a C5 is a major improvement to the fifth generations interior.  The C5 interior is already considerd one of the best Corvette interiors ever offered by GM. The DVD unit enhances and updates the C5 overall image.
DD Mods offers a modified and very cool looking American Hydrocarbon carbon fiber C5 bezel. The unit is finished in a half leather wrap by Carskinz, Elemental Designs. Custom AV units feature a JL Audio e 6450 amp, Infinity 6012si rear speakers, and are powered by a Pioneer X920BT Double Din NAV DVD head unit

The finished product will make you the envy of every non DVD equipped C5 owner.  Many C6 owners will admit that the C5 interior
has more styling appeal than the latest rendition of the Corvette. The addition of a slick carbon fiber console and dash really drives this pont home.

What's Next

The C5 like most project cars is a work in progress. Future modifications will include turbo or super charged forced induction and a LG Coil over suspension. Planned interior mods include custom Carskinz leather seats. The exterior will be upgraded with a Tiger Shark Front fascia.

Dennis asked us to include thanks to all the people that made his dream possible. The biggest thanks goes to his step son Dallas for helping in the fabrication and order fulfillment of these custom parts. Dennis will be loosing him to the US Navy this year.

You can get more info on this installation on the Double D website at

or by contacting:
Double D Mods
3718 Kilian Lane
Kieler, Wi 53812
Phone: (608) 568-3011