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c6 corvette
The Northern Orange Express

DOMINIQUE GIROUX is a North of the boarder Corvette fan from Drummondville Quebec. His Orange wide body 2007 C6 is an attention getter that surely warms the up the Northern climate where it resides.

c6 corvette

A very beefed up Ls2 block resides under the C6's ominous looking custom hood. The LS2 was upgraded to a set of LS3 heads and intake, crank, rods, forged, pistons and a set of stainless valves. 

c6 corvette

A Competition Cam, Crower lifters with double behive springs and Manley pushrods, keep the engine spinning. Internal fluids are pushed via a Melling oil pump, and Holley water pump.  The hybrid engine breaths through a BBK 4" throttle body, Fast intake and fuel rails.

c6 corvette    c6 corvette

A set of ceramic NKG wires and an MSD coil pass the power to the plugs. The spent gases are routed through a set of Kook's headers. Dominique's Northern beast dynos out at a very respectable 650hp and 580 lbs torque.

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