2008 corvette
Nothing but The Base
C6 Subtle Perfection

David Guy from Summerville, S.C. is the proud owner of a what he calls a "base model" 2008 Corvette". In our opinion Dave's car is anything but "base". He acquired the car in 2011 and the first thing Dave did was to take it to CMX customs and have them build a new deck lid that gave the car a classic retro look of the late 60's early 70's Stingrays. The new deck lid also eliminated much of the heat transferred to the cabin in the hot summertime South Carolina sun.

2008 corvette

Dave also installed a complete ground effects package which includes carbon splitter and side skirts. A Lingenfelter hood and full race spoiler and custom rear diffuser give the car a very menacing street look. The turn, rear and fog lights are blacked out to complete the look. A set of Chrome wheels and side spears set off the blacked out stealth look of this beauty.  The entire look is complimented by a custom ghost flame paint job by Jamisons Custom Corvette in North Carleston, S.C.

2008 corvette  2008 corvette

 Like many late model Corvette owners Dave has concentrated all of his efforts on the "show" part of the hot rod equation.  The "go" part of the equation has been differed because Dave does not want to void the gold plated GM drivetrain warranty. A simple mod like a retune will bring down the wrath of the GM bean counters and banish your car to warranty hell. The LS3 still packs more than enough punch for street duty as is.

This is Dave's first Corvette and he has done a remarkable job in making it stand out in a crowd.

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