Re-Engineering The C6

c6 corvette

Chris Vinson was extremely happy  driving his brand new  C5 back in 2004.  Shortly after buying his dream car Chris saw the newly released sixth generation version of America's sports car.   When Chris saw the new C6 coupled with the Daytona orange color, he had to have it.   At the time Chris was living in Erie, PA and was unable to find  a C6 that was clad in Daytona orange locally.  After some internet browsing Chris located the C6 he was searching for.  He had no problem selling  his new C5 and was on the next plane to  Cincinnati, Ohio to pick up his new orange C6.

c6 corvette

In 2005 the only power train available in the C5 was the newly developed LS2.  The ZO6 was released in 2006 and the ZR1 made its debut on 2009.  Chris wanted the horsepower of the Z06 but did not want to sacrifice the open air cruising ability of his 2005.  The ZO6 has a fixed magnesium roof that made Chris feel claustrophobic.  The mod bug bit Chris and as most of you know when the bug bites it never lets go.    Chris decided to re-engineer his C6 on his own terms.  

c6 corvette

Over the next year Chris with the help of a good friend was able to acquire some of the first ZO6 parts available to the general public.   Somehow Chris was able to get a set of the after market Z06 carbon fenders from Advanced Composite Products. The CEO of Advanced Composite, Kerry Hitt, made certain that the first set of fenders as well as a newly designed full-width Carbon Fiber spoiler would adorn Chris's car.  Chris was also able to snag the first hi-rise hood made for the C-6 from RK Sport.  The custom hood allowed for the blower install.  

 The cold North East winters allowed Chris the time to begin his redesign project. Trudging through piles of the famous “Great Lakes Effects Snow” the build began with the engine.  The engine mods on Chris's C6 include a Polished Roots style Supercharger, Long Tube Headers with a custom  crossover exhaust system.  

The next step was locating a body shop that could install and paint the C6. This was a challenge as Chris wanted a  “Stop In Your Tracks” paint job worthy of the car he was building.  After calling in several well respected  painters and graphics designers, Platinum Auto Body, & Art attack Graphics of Erie, PA. were selected for the Job.   Out came the car-hauler, off came the snow and after  nine weeks the car was reborn. The flawless paint is a crowd pleaser.  The depth of the orange metallic , when combined with the ghost flames and graphics give this C6 a very unique look.

c6 corvette   c6 corvette

American Car Craft has become the benchmark in custom under hood stainless

Power and paint are only part of the equation,  In order to be a show winner a modern day super car must have some show stopping "bling". The car was put in the very competent hand of the "bling masters" at American Car Craft located in Hudson Florida. 

AAC  filled the engine bay with an array of custom fabricated stainless steel parts that make this machine a true show stopper.  If you have any aspirations of winning a major show event there is no other choice other than allowing American Car Craft the opportunity to "bling" out your engine compartment.  We installed AAC's stainless products in our Project "Z" car and have won top awards in the last four major events that the car was entered in.

c6 corvette      c6 corvette

The first road test of Chris's new C6 proved to be very impressive. Chris was happy with the new found power but as most of you horsepower addicts know, good is never enough.  Chris sent the car to  Hutter Performance Center in Chardon, Oh. where they were more than happy to accommodate his request.  The car now dyno's out at  over 500hp at the rear wheels. Chris now ahas a big grin and feels like he is sixteen again every time he gets behind the wheel. 

Chris belongs to the Presque Isle Corvette Club in Erie, PA and The Village Vettes Club in The Villages, Fl.  The car has won several show awards and has been featured on a 2011 Automotive Parts Calendar. 


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