How to Spoil Yourself
Installation Notes On a Very Cool Carbon Fiber Rear End Spoiler
carbon fiber rear spoiler

Bolt on body modifications when tastefully done can dramatically alter the look and feel of your car.  The C6 Corvette lends itself to the plethora of body mods that are available. The current trend centers around the blacked out look. This look originated in the inner cities street racer culture. Mean and aggressive is the order of business for todays domestic and foreign sports cars. Taking the blacked out look one step further is the carbon fiber rage. Carbon is light weight, strong and very pleasing to the eyes of the street racer crowd. The best part about carbon pieces is that they don't have to be painted, installation is "out of the box".

It seems in the world of carbon fiber bigger is better. We recently installed a carbon fiber spoiler on our C6 Z06 test car.  We wanted something different so we ordered a ZR1 extended design from C7 Carbon Creations.  The extended design is about two inches wider than a standard ZR1 spoiler.  Production problems had these units on hold for almost six months. It was worth the wait as the unit that was finally supplied to us was flawless.

The unit is made from what looks like very high quality carbon fiber.  There were no discernible flaws in the finish. The carbon pattern was very tight and well laid out across the unit.
carbon fiber rear spoiler                   carbon fiber rear spoiler
The first order of business was to remove the existing GM racing spoiler that had been previously installed. To access the mounting bolts both rear tail light lenses must be removed. There is a single screw on the top of each lens housing, use a no. 15 torx head socket to remove it.

Reach inside the rear cavity through the tail light openings and feel for the mounting bolts that secure the existing spoiler. A 10 mm socket will do the trick , hold onto the nuts while unscrewing them or they will be lost in the black hole of cars the rear end.
After removing the four mounting studs lift the stock spoiler and disconnect the electrical weather pack.
carbon fiber rear spoiler
Go to your work bench and remove the lens assembly from the original spoiler and pop it into the recess on the new spoiler.

carbon fiber rear spoiler      carbon fiber rear spoiler
Screw the two end bolts into the bottom of the new spoiler, screw them in about a quarter of as inch. Dab a little white paint on the bolt heads.  Install the stock center studs from your existing spoiler into the two center holes of the new spoiler.  They will line up perfectly with the two factory rear mounting holes on the mounting surface.

carbon fiber rear spoiler   carbon fiber rear spoiler

Place some blue painters tape over the spoiler mounting area. Test fit the new spoiler and remove it. There will be two whit spots on the tape that mark the new hole locations. This is where it gets interesting. You have to drill two 1/4" holes into your cars rear spoiler mounting surface. Clench your teeth and pray to the Gods of speed for courage. If all went well the new holes will match up with the two new bolt holes on the spoiler. Remove the tape and remove the two painted bolts from your new spoiler.

carbon fiber rear spoiler

Plug the weather pack into the spoiler light assembly. Install the new spoiler using the two center studs as a guide. If the drilling was on target you can reach into the underside of the rear end and screw the two end bolts into into the new spoiler. The two factory studs can now be secured with the 10mm nuts that you hopefully didn't drop into the rear cavity of the car. Tighten everything up and enjoy the look of your new "Speed Racer" inspired toy.

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