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The New Generation

Over the last two months we have endured a constant barrage of information concerning the Generals "latest and greatest" Corvette. The C8 is a testament to both American Engineering ability and market adaptability. The C8 has and will continue to turn the traditional concept of Americas only sports car upside down.

Extreme changes in buyer demographics forced GM to take a new approach to the Corvette. Up until now GM's traditional Corvette buyer demographic could be summed up in two words "Old Guy's". The Baby Boomer set now makes up the bull of the Corvette buying market. In order for the Corvette name to survive GM had to take a different approach and target upscale X and Milleneal's. The question of the day is will GM's gambit to attract a younger sports car set succeed.

c8 corvette

The Corvettes "old guy's" car image will be very difficult to shake. GM has spared no expense in elevating the C8's ability to compete with every super car currently on the market. The question is will the reformatted Corvette be able to compete with the Euro crowd?  The fit, finish and performance of the new C8 is as good or better than most of what Europe has to offer. Throw in a very affordable entry price and in theory the C8 should be a world beater.

Can GM lure a Porsche or Ferrari aficionado into a dreaded Chevy showroom?  Can you imagine these upscale pseudo liberal snobs rubbing elbows and sharing couch space with Equinox customers. Will Chevy showrooms now be equipped with frappuccino machines and executive lounges?
c8 corvette
To attract and keep a new upscale customer mindset Corvette may have to branch off as its own division. There has been some serious discussion on this very subject. The unconfirmed rumors of an upcoming Corvette SUV fit nicely in this plan.

Enough said about speculation and "what if's". How about some hard facts about what's new in the C8.

The first noteworthy innovation in the C8 is its ability to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Anyone who has ever driven a C5,C6 or C7 knows that steep driveways and inclines pose a serious threat to the cars front end. With only four to six inches of front end street to front end clearance Corvette owners have had to choose their routes very carefully. My own experience with navigating low front end clearance's include passing on a home purchase because the driveway had an approach angle that interfered with my C7's front end.

c8 corvette

Chevy to the rescue. The new C8 has a gizmo that allows the driver to lift the front end of the car two inches with the touch of a button. The front end lifting mechanism is even tied into the nav's gps system and identifies locations that the driver previously marked as front end hazardous. You have to upgrade to a 2LT or 3LT package to get this handy feature. The lift feature will automatically re-lower the front end when the car exceeds twenty four mph.

Another new concept for the Corvette is a quieter interior. This is GM's new awareness of what the younger buyer is expecting.  The new buying demographic expects a car that is a blend of both ultra luxury and performance. Noise never bothered those of us that grew up to the sweet music of glass pack mufflers and headers.
c8 corvette
The new rear end multi-use rear spoiler incorporates a wing at the ends and a less aggressive center section design. Unlike the C7's Stage 3 spoiler that presses the rear with tons of down force kills top end The new C8 design maximizes down force and minimizes drag and power loss at high speeds. New front end ground effects also serve to eliminate most of the road rash caused by shielding the car from flying rocks.

Another feature that has been a long time coming is blind spot alert. Its amazing that GM never bothered to equip its flagship vehicle with any driver assist technology. Even Toyota Corollas are equipped with all sorts of driver assist safety systems. With the exception of the rear and optional front camera the C7 driver is on his own when it comes to safety.

The C8 when equipped with a 2LT or 3LT package comes with not only blind spot alert but a built in high res rear view camera. This feature will definitely help out with the now "hold your breath" while backing up a Corvette technique that C7 owners never want to speak about.

The new top and bottom squared off steering wheel is also designed with driver safety in mind.  The squared off top allows the driver an unobstructed view of the cars multitude of electronic indicators while at the same time permitting a better overall grip on the wheel.
The Ferrari like engine view from the rear hatch is a definite attention getter. The engine, like its exotic European rivals, is now fully viewable from the rear hatch. The engine is fully adorned with carbon fiber and stainless steel. This may be the first factory designed car that is ready for the show circuit the moment you drive it away from the dealer. Our friends at American Car Craft may have a few comments about that.

The bottom line is that the new C8 is a remarkable achievement.  This new platform will launch the Corvette into the future Americas only true sports car. Like all new generations of Corvette there will be the naysayers who will comment on how ugly and non traditional the new design is. These same people will eventually own a C8 and proclaim what an outstanding machine it really is.

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