Vette Mate of the Month

Magazines like Play Boy and Sports Illustrated have been featuring beautiful women on the pages of their publications for years,with great success.  We figured why not do the same.
Q: what's better than a picture of a Corvette?  
A: a picture of a Corvette with a beautiful girl

 Our Vette Babe of the Month is Bonnie Pequeen a real live Southern Belle from Alabama. Bonnie is a business owner and and a full time mom that manages to squeeze a modeling career into her busy schedule.  
In her words she say's  "I love Corvette's, love the speed, the sound, the sex appeal it has, just awesome". Bonnie bought her Corvette last year., and hasn't looked back.  She tells us that she is really excited about some of the planned mods to her new toy.

She is planning  black fender or hood stripes to compliment the yellow paint and is also getting the windows tinted.  She will be concentrating on exterior body mods and will be tinkling about some performance upgrades in the future. Bonnie has plans for her own body first as she will competing in various beauty contests throughout the country.

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