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Rim Blades 

We came across a product at a local car show that really caught our eye. We all can agree that the styling of stock Corvette wheels are nice but not especially outstanding.  This is especially true when comparing the stock GM alloy wheels to some of the after market beauties that are available out there.

The main problem in retrofitting your pride and joy with a set of after market rims is the high price of admission. A nice set of alloy's can decrease your bank account by several thousand dollars.

We found a very cost effective product that will increase the "wow" factor of your stock wheels while at the same time offering some degree of curb scrape protection. The product is marketed under the name of Rim Blades. Rim Blades are high quality colored plastic coverings that easily apply to the outside edges of your existing wheels.

rim blades

The Blades come in a variety of colors that will enhance or contrast the color of your ride. The nice people at RimBlades sent us a set to try out on our Victory red C6 Z06. The Z is equipped with a set of GM chrome spider design wheels. Nice wheels but a little dated as compared to some of the after market offerings available.

The mounting surface of the wheels were cleaned with alcohol wipes, this is a very important step as any grease or petroleum based residue will inhibit the adhesion of the product.

rim blades

3M adhesion promoter is included in the package, it was then applied to the outside edge of the rim. Starting at the top of the rim the Rim Blade covering was installed by pressing it into the outside rim edge and working it around the wheel.  Pull the 3M adhesive tape off the blade as you apply it. Cut the blade off and apply one of the connectors to achieve a seamless look.

rim blades

The end results are spectacular.  The wheels on our "Z" now have an updated look.  We chose the red colored Rim Blades to complement the Victory red paint. The new look is a outstanding. The car has been used over the past several years to showcase various after market products from our sponsors. The positive response to this product has been overwhelming.

For more information on Rim Blades go to the manufacturers web site at

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