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Eight years ago Pat Scorzetti started his adventure into the automotive industry by purchasing and selling Corvette parts on EBay.  After purchasing his second Corvette, a 2000 navy C5 coupe he was bitten by the dreaded mod bug. Like most Corvette enthusiasts Pat wanted to make his car special. 

Pat decided at first to do a few performance mods then move on to transforming the C5 into a show quality car. In the process of changing out all the dull black plastic interior parts Pat discovered a process known as “water transfer”.  The process involved the direct transfer of a carbon pattern to an automotive part.  This process was used to decorate blue Corvette with blue carbon accents.

Pat decided to first work on the interior and then the engine bay.  The cars first outing to a local show netted him a second place trophy.  At that point Pat knew that in order to take a first place prize he would need to do some radical work on the interior. The C5’s seats were targeted for the first strike. The interior was blue carbon but Pat decided to change it to a Monaco check carbon pattern. The engine was designed around a blue carbon theme that included various carbon fiber parts. When the car is at shows people always have questions asking about the blue carbon parts. They always want to know as to where they could get similar parts done for their own cars.




The rest as they say is history. American Hydrocarbon was born to service those Vette owners who want to make their cars stand out from the crowd. Pat is a supporting vendor on the Corvette Forum and advertises in most of the Corvette Magazines. Pat also supports many Corvette Clubs around the country by supplying parts as prizes for their events.


American Hydrocarbon has featured show winning cars in 19 countries around the world. Most of Pat’s customers keep coming back for more parts, customization can be very addictive.




One of Pat’s latest projects netted the owner a Best of Class trophy at the 2012 World of Wheels Show in Chicago. Another New York C6 that sports Pat’s carbon parts took top honors in every New York area show during the 2011 season.

American Hydrocarbon has expanded its product line to include a wide array of real Corvette carbon fiber replacement parts. The company supplies parts to the top catalogue companies that include Corvette Central, Mid America, Ecklers' and a host of dealers and custom shops around the country and Canada. 

Pat does not limit his talents to only Corvettes. His company also makes parts for Mustangs, Camaro’s and Euro exotics.  Pats mission statement is simple; do whatever it takes to make his customers cars unique.

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