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hot whels c6 corvette
The Hot Wheels C6

Andrew Joseph from the great state of Indiana has created a very nice tribute to the venerable C6 with a distinctive "Hot Wheels "theme. .His 2006 coupe is equipped with a mildly warmed over LS2. Andrew beefed up the LS engine with a Stage 2 cam and a set of American racing headers. A few other mods and a custom tune brings the power level of this LS up to a respectable 500hp.

hot whels c6 corvette   hot whels c6 corvette

The interior is adorned with some very aggressive color trim that yields that "Hot Wheel" look. The exterior of Andrews car is equipped with a set of upward opening Lambo style doors, a Zero Six splitter kit and a carbon fiber removable roof.

hot whels c6 corvette    hot whels c6 corvette

The show wining engine bay is a hybrid mix of chrome and airbrush art. The look of the bay is enhanced with a custom airbrushed hood liner that declares this cars royal heritage.

Our congrats to Andrew for presenting us with a very nice example of a "Hot" Corvette. 
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