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Creating the "Bling" that the factory left out

There was a time when hot roddings only rule was to stuff a big high horsepower engine into a light vehicle. The vehicle had to have a good paint job and a relatively clean engine bay to be accepted by fellow gear heads.  Over the past decade there has been a paradigm shift in what constitutes a great performance car.  The factory has for the most part taken care of the basic horsepower needs of the hot rodding masses.  500 to 700 horse muscle cars are now a part of everyday life and for the right amount of cash are available in America’s automotive showrooms.

The only thing missing from these factory power wonders is some quality “bling” in the form of customized add on body, interior and engine parts. The factory cars are bursting with technology but come up short in the appearance department. 
The factories lack of attention to details in the “bling” department has opened up the door to a new market for the modern hot rodder. 

This paradigm shift has taken a most unexpected turn.  Most of today’s performance cars no longer prowl the streets and drag strips but have taken up residence at local car shows.  Like it or not the days of street racing and the weekly trip to the drag strip do not appeal to the majority of today’s hot rodders.  This may be due to the fact that a very large percentage of today’s hot rodders are well into their “baby boom” years.  Most of this group still remembers the days of street rodding.  Many of the lucky ones still have their old flame, usually a mid 60’s to early 70’s Chevy, Ford or Mopar muscle car.  That treasured relic will only come out on special occasions and will never be subjected to abuse or non factory add on’s.

The gear head “boomers”  that were forced to trade their precious heavy metal cruisers in for things like down payments on mortgages, kitchen renovations or college tuition for their unappreciative offspring are now in a position to recapture some of their hot rodding past.  That recapture often takes the form of a modern day muscle car. 

Like vampires muscle car era names like Camaro and Challenger have been resurrected from the dead.  These undead pony cars no longer prowl the dark streets looking for blood in the form of a street race.  They now sit in the paved parking lots of local car shows thirsting for a best in class trophy.  Likewise the modern day Corvette and Mustang crowd sit along side them content in the fact that they never died but have been transformed into something very different from what the original creators envisioned.

To be competitive in the world of car show’s  the new breed of gear head must not only be able to brag about horsepower but he must also be able to put together a car that will “shock and awe” the crowd.  At the SEMA show in Vegas we stumbled on to what just may be the pinnacle of the new “auto bling” art form.  American Car Craft is a Florida based company that specializes in state of the art custom stainless steel automotive accessories.

sema 2011 american car craft

The American Car Craft booth at the SEMA event featured a wildly customized  Corvette ZR-1 that was a center of attraction for the show.  The car featured a radical blend of stainless engine parts that were accented with electric blue LED lighting.  The effect of the blue lighting on polished stainless is breathtaking to say the least.

Being overwhelmed with this modern beauty we had to speak with one of the cars creators, Cameron Rivera of American Car Craft.  Cameron is a hands on guy that takes pride in the products that his company produces for the new hot rod market.  American Car Craft’s innovative designs and the use of cutting edge technology makes them a leader in todays after market stainless accessory market.

ACC manufactures and assembles all of their products in Hudson, Florida.  They use only the finest T304 stainless steel. American Car Crafts products are precision laser cut and hand built by a highly qualified staff.  The company has over thirty years of experience in the customization business.  American Car Craft product design concepts are based on laser cutting technology utilizing flat 304 stainless sheet mater
ials.  The company uses state of the art lasers and equipment that is run by the latest software to create their award winning accessory line.  ACC has merged ten of the top design and creative software technologies. This merging of technology’s has enabled ACC to develop a distinct class of custom stainless steel and graphics products.

The result of all this fastidious attention to planning and detail is a finished product is a spectacular looking fine quality accessory that is not available from any other source.  American Car Craft specializes in custom engine bay parts.  Their products also include custom grilles, stainless interior and exterior trim and state of the art digital graphics.

American Car Craft is constantly developing new and exciting products.  The company takes a very unique approach in product development by utilizing its customer base in what they term as its "Vehicle Accessory Product Development Program”.  The program makes use of customer cars as a base for the design and development of new accessories. The best part of the program is that the lucky donor vehicle gets to keep the newly installed items for free.

We cover many local and national car shows throughout the year and invariably the top show winners are sporting many of the products produced by the American Car Craft company.  Our advice to anyone who is considering showing their car is to get their “Bling On” and contact American Car Craft.  Their customer service and help line is 727 861 1500. You can also visit them on the web at .

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